Rock Wall Installations in Kelowna

Given the Okanagan terrain and local quarries that provide many types of natural stone, rock walls are a popular and functional part of our urban landscape. Skilled installation is key when constructing these works of art, as so many elements come into play to build a secure structure. We know how to prepare the foundation and choose the correct stone for your project. Rock walls are a welcome addition to gardens and add commercial elegance to your storefront.
Retaining Walls Built by Expert Hands

Retaining walls go beyond the elegance of rock walls by creating solid features that hold soil against erosion and displacement. Urbanization in the Okanagan Valley is commonly built on sloping land around our lake system, and consists of sand and alluvial material that can slide easily when disturbed. Site preparation in these areas benefit by the addition of retaining walls that shore up the geography and make building homes safe.

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